24/02/2016 The eponymous debut album from electro-rocker trio Saverne is released by AM:PM Music.

The record navigates you to the meeting point of two worlds, mixing elements of various current electronic music sub-genres with a classic singer/songwriter aesthetic. The end result is the cumulative diary of a bunch of demos the crew worked on last year, and an intensive 3 month studio 'lock-in' they just came out of.

Along with singer and songwriter Bence Kocsis, MC Gabor Csepai and DJ Daniel Szekacs, a collective of up-and-coming producers also contributed a selection of tracks to the album, amongst them Gábor Deutsch (Anorganik), Stanislav Bendarjevsky (StasMRBL), Peter Koczak (Mongoose), Daniel Kovago (LaavalampMonstaz), and Ferenc Stamusz (Stamusic).

Quoting the likes of Justice, C2C, Flume, Glitch Mob, Stromae, Gorillaz, Jack White and Foreign Beggars as their main influences, the sound of Saverne is energetic & crunchy, keeping you in a bouncy mood throughout.

The band has also released a music video for the first single off the album: 'Hendrix' is an mid-tempo stomper driven by a catchy guitar-riff, with visuals that lead you into a beautiful, tripped-out, post-apocaliptic world of hand-drawn animation, courtesy of MOME-alumni graphic design team Airplan - check it out!


  1. Hendrix
  2. Burn
  3. Hijack Your Headphones
  4. Mr. White
  5. Moving Slow
  6. Shiny
  7. More You Think
  8. Knock Knock

Mixing & Mastering by ANORGANIK Gabor Deutsch
Cover design by AIRPLAN Benji Kalaszi 
Photos by PEXPIXEL Peter Mate
© AM:Music 2016.

Kollekció: AM:PM Music

Típus: CD

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